Monday, September 6, 2010

The Big Knit - Roger Moore

A non-knitting friend told me about this. This is from Wikipedia "In the early 1950s, Moore worked as a male model, appearing in print advertisements for knitwear (earning him the amusing nickname "The Big Knit"), and a wide range of other products such as toothpaste – an element that many critics have used as typifying his lightweight credentials as an actor." We also found this site with the photo's I've added to my post.

I found a site here selling the original vintage pattern. As with most knitwear designs for men these patterns could be knit today with very little modification. The fit was smaller in the 50's but add a little more ease and your man could be dressed like "The Big Knit."


  1. Thanks for that great link. Didn't know Mr. Moore was such a "live wire!"

  2. These are great, thanks. I always love the cigarette smoking vintage men, too.

  3. gorgeous! i think he was a better model than he was an actor though...